At Stodeus, we thirst for innovation. We believe that by thinking differently and being bold, we can offer the best instruments to our customers. That's why we are always working on new ideas and improving our variometers. We are a small company of enthusiasts, and innovation is our fuel.

Stodeus, a story of passionates

Timothée & Clarisse during a XC flight in the Alps, between Les Richards and Les Saisies (150km). In the distance, the Mont Blanc.

Timothée created his own company more than 10 years ago, in 2011, when he started paragliding. Stodeus, a small company based in Grenoble, was born from his need to have a solar powered vario, ultra light, versatile and super efficient.
The first leBipBip, as soon as it was released, shook up the market of mini variometers with its unlimited runtime even without sun, and its short and reactive beeps.

With Clarisse, Stodeus has continued to grow and has found the magic formula for effective communication and successful customer service.

Together, what drives us is XC flying, but exclusively in tandem! With several flights between 100 and 150km to our credit, each flight is a great adventure, right on our doorstep, in the Alps.

We are constantly looking for innovation and new ways to improve our instruments. That's why we don't go it alone.

Stodeus can count on a close collaboration with talented French freelance engineers, with ultra-specialized knowledge and exceptional technical expertise.

We are also fortunate to be surrounded by a community of passionate pilots who strongly contributes to the improvement of our products.

Thanks to this teamwork, other variometers have joined the family over the years, and have quickly made Stodeus a name in the paragliding industry.

Timothée & Clarisse presenting leGPSBip+, the very first instrument with voice assistant. To this day, only Stodeus offers paragliding instruments with a voice assistant.

I developed leBipBip because I wanted a lightweight variometer that you could leave on your equipment, without having to worry about the battery level. And as I was doing cross country, acro, tandem, and even vol-bivouac, I needed a high performance variometer.