Submarine harness and ActiveLook goggles: the UltraBip's new companions

🚀 L'UltraBipour Bluetooth GPS vario, now offers even greater comfort and advanced functions for pilots flying with the harness. Submarine de Ozone.

By attaching the UltraBip to the outside of the pressurised envelope, the harness's optimum performance is maintained and you benefit from the accuracy of the UltraBip's sensors. These sensors provide reliable flight data via Bluetooth to the smartphone inside the harness.

🕹 On XCTrack, you can even change pages simply by double-tapping the UltraBip. It acts like a remote control!

But that's not all!

😎 We are pleased to announce that UltraBip is compatible with ENGO ActiveLook connected glassesvia XCTrack.

By connecting the UltraBip to the XCTrack application on Android, you can now enjoy real-time display of flight information on the screen of your ActiveLook glasses. From altitude and speed to rate of climb, glide ratio and GPS track, all the essential data is now in your field of vision. You can even customise the entire screen via XCTrack.

Find out more about these features here.

photo : Ozone
photo: Pál Takáts

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