ultrabip vs bluebip how to choose

UltraBip vs. BlueBip: Which flight instrument to choose when you want to fly with a vario GPS?

Despite their ultra-light format, the BlueBip and UltraBip are much more than just varios.
Both ultralight, solar-powered, with Instant Vario, Bluetooth, and fully customizable through their web-app Configurator, they address different use cases. 🌞

For those who fly with their smartphone in the cockpit but want accurate flight data: The BlueBip 💎
➡️ Its ultra-precise sensors, specially adapted for use in paragliding, transmit instantaneous and integrated Vz, exact glide ratio and precise barometric altitude to the flight app. The flight app uses the smartphone's internal GPS.

For those who alternate between cross-country and light flights or need a backup of their tracks: TheUltraBip 🔥
➡️ Thanks to its built-in GPS, it records all your flights internally, and its Voice Assistant function gives you important flight information (altitude, speed, heading, flight time, etc.). Connected to a smartphone, it also transmits the data recorded by its sensors, as well as GPS data.
The smartphone's internal GPS can therefore be deactivated, saving battery power on long flights. Also, the UltraBip's GPS has greater altitude responsiveness compared to smartphones GPS.

✅ The BlueBip and UltraBip are compatible with the main paragliding flight apps on Android and iOS (XCtrack, FlySkyHy, SeeYou Navigator, FlyMe, and many others).
Find out all about the Bluetooth connectivity of our instruments.

And you, Team BlueBip or Team UltraBip?

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