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New update available for the UltraBip. It's springtime!

We are delighted to inform you of the release of the latest UltraBip firmware update, which brings a range of new features and improvements.

🕹 Now you can enjoy the "remote control" functionality. This feature is particularly useful for pilots flying with the Submarine harness, as it allows them to change pages on XCTrack without having to open the instrument compartment.

😎 Also, the UltraBip is now compatible with ActiveLook glasses via XCTrack. This gives pilots more flexibility.

Other notable improvements include new flight statistics, new voicepacks, improved GPS fix speed, compression of the voicepack format for greater efficiency, and a reduction in the volume of vario beeps during voice announcements.

➡️ Go to the "Firmware Update" page to view the complete changelog and download this new update!

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